Manufacturing Processes

Elevated Temperature Forming
- Hot Forming of Titanium, inconel, alloy steel, CRES, and aluminum
- Air, Inert and vacuum Up to 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit
- Vacuum furnace titanium forming using HPSTSM process for high precision and yield, ultra clean with no alpha case
- HPST forming offers unparalleled component integration, reduced part count and cost while improving the overall project efficiency
Room Temperature Forming
- Engineering and tooling for all types of mechanical forming such as hydro forming, stretch forming, extrusion forming, bulge forming, box forming and skin forming
- HFT’s enhance tooling materials are an excellent choice of forming materials
- High Strength Polymer (HSP) for tough forming tools
- Specialized Urethane rubber for forming pads
Engineering Simulation of Manufacturing Processes
- All types of metal forming are run through a rigorous computer simulation to vastly reduce the prototyping and first article development
- This approach greatly reduces lead time and cost giving the customer an expertly engineered product.

Hyperform Technologies offers highly advanced, uniquely effective manufacturing process solutions to our customers looking for a clear advantage in the competitive market place.