Consulting Services

As Experts in Design, Manufacturing, Tooling, and workforce development, HyperForm can support companies of all sizes with our technical expertise. HyperForm brings decades of high-level experience with the latest analytical techniques to support your important projects.

Production Improvement, stable yields, adoption of new technology or work force training requires pointed insertion of world-class expertise. HyperForm supplies just the required temporary or periodic expertise to compliment your in-house or supply chain infrastructure. We evaluate and recommend changes to optimize your products, processes, and technology while supporting your supplier base.

By studying and correcting variation issues, HyperForm helps you fulfill your continuous improvement processes requirements. We evaluate and recommend changes to optimize your products, processes, technology, tooling, methodologies, and production management.

Tooling Design & Construction

HyperForm designs and builds tooling for all types and sizes of hot and cold forming, machining, welding, stress relieving, assembly, inspection, lifting and transportation. The latest computer software is used in evaluation of the service environment, followed by FEM analysis, comprehensive design and rigorous construction. Proof of concept and subscale demonstrations, which allow reevaluation by our customers prior to full-scale tool construction, are often possible.

HyperForm utilizes a complete range of conventional steel, stainless, aluminum, and composite tool materials as well as our proprietary high strength polymer (HSP), castable and machinable ceramics, standard and custom composites and several grades of our high-strength rubber (HSR) in any conceivable shape. We create tools for all temperatures and conditions, that can be powered, intelligent, integrally heated, ultra high precision, or involve high clamping forces.

Contract Manufacturing

HyperForm’s contract services can assist you with contract manufacturing, by working your design and processing requirements. We can quote your component requirements based on process flow, labor, tooling, and material costs using industry standards or our proprietary technologies. We assist our customers in many ways that contribute to cost savings by schedule adherence, cost of capital, tooling design, tool construction, production yield, specialized labor and training. Our customers reap the benefit of HyperForm’s work force skills while eliminating the need to add to their employee base.

License or Transfer Our Technologies

HyperForm’s proven technologies can be made available through Tech Transfer (TechXfer). Our methods carry proven commercial effectiveness by helping you imbed our breakthrough technology Into your processes while supporting you or your business partners. HyperForm can share the rewards for commercializing new technologies by making them available through you to your marketplace.