With challenges in Design, Manufacturing, Tooling and workforce personnel, companies of all sizes can reap technological advantage with the depth of experience HyperForm brings to industry. HyperForm will analyze your application and address your challenges by designing and building tooling, uniquely capable of performing the task while yielding the results required. Our expertise includes:

Tooling Materials

In addition to the more familiar steel’s, aluminums, and plastics serving as tooling materials, HyperForm utilizes materials of all types providing unique in-service properties and capabilities. HyperForm can solve your tooling challenges with many types of tooling materials including:

High Strength Polymer (HSP) - HyperForm builds tools of all types with a range of solid plastic materials. Unlike most polymers and composites, the polymers we use are completely stress-free resulting in high precision tool structures as stable as stone, yet machinable and capable of sustaining loads above 12,000 pounds per square inch. Material temperatures can range from below freezing up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit with adequate strength to autoclave and cure composite panels.

Ceramics - HyperForm’s technical staff can create single and multiple ceramic tools for your critical applications. As well, we can machine a wide range of materials creating molds and dies for the tools that meet your needs. Our engineers have years of experience with alumina, silicon carbide (green and fired), ferrite, and single crystal sapphire materials. And our cast ceramic systems achieve superior strength, consistency, manufacturability, and longevity as ceramic tools for hot forming, superplastic forming, heat-treating, foundry, and mill applications.

Forming Rubber - HyperForm engineers have created a series of highly durable, super high performance grades of rubber for hydro forming, bulge forming, bladder forming, and other forming applications. We offer pads, blankets, press tray liners and specialized custom machined components. Our super rubber grades have proven themselves for over 20 years to be highly resilient, extremely wear resistant with high stiffness and elongation.